Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Alarm Systems

Quality Solutions save you in the long run- Protecting your Investment

Avoid risking damage to your investment as a result of temperature or humidity. Our Wireless temperature monitoring and alarm systems will monitor your valueable resources remotely - 24 hours a day, anywhere, anytime.

  • Remote Temperature monitoring and alarm notification with optional GSM dialer
  • Remote Frost early warning systems
  • Wireless monitoring of mining equipment (such as expensive conveyor bearings)
  • Early remote warning for fire due to over heating
  • Cool rooms, fridges and freezers
  • Computer server rooms
  • Vineyards
  • Instant alarm to your mobile phone, alerts you anytime, wherever you may be
  • Poultry sheds
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • Peace of mind knowing your resources are being monitored

Temp Saver - Remote temperature and humidity alarm for poultry sheds

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TempSaver wireless Temperature Monitoring and Alarm system can be used to remotely monitor incubator temperatures, egg storage room temperature, water level and humidity. Option outputs can also be used to control ventilation fans and heating devices.

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Frost Alert - Wireless Frost early detection and warning system with GSM dialer

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FrostAlert helps prevent damage to crops by constantly monitoring temperature at remote locations across the farm. When the temperature at any remote location falls below the user-programmable threshold, the system activates a local alarm warning and sends an instant alert text message to a mobile phone.

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GenTemp - General purpose temperature monitoring and alarm with GSM dialer

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GenTemp is a wireless temperature monitoring system that has been designed specifically for use in buildings and coolstores. Also ideal for computer Server room temperature monitoring.

This wireless temperature monitoring and alarm system can be easily expanded to provide a complex network of devices in a multi-story building.

The remote units can either be programmed to send a text message directly to a mobile phone or to link by wireless to a master control unit that enables all remote sensors to be configured at a central point. A text message is then sent from this wireless master control unit to a mobile phone in event of an alarm situation.

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