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Workplace accidents are costing companies a staggering amount of money in terms of  expensive downtime, investigations and increased insurance premiums. Staff training, safety barriers and PPE gear help to help lower risk, accidents involving moving vehicles and personnel are still occurring far too often. Factors such as fatigue, non-compliance with safe operating procedures and poor visibility are some of the major causes for accidents.

Are you determined to make your workplace safer, looking for ways to further reduce the risk of collision as a part of your safety strategy and ready to take your safety initiative to the next level?

BodyGuard  i-Tag system uses the latest technology  to significantly reduce the risk of collision between moving vehicles and pedestrians in the workplace. The system helps to overcome typical risk caused by factors such as driver inattention, poor visibility and worker non-compliance with exclusion areas around vehicles. BodyGuard  i-Tag  makes the workplace safer by increasing awareness when people are too close to a vehicle. The system sets up an invisible exclusion zone around the vehicle, providing an audible (siren followed by “Look Out! Person near you”) and visual warning alert to the operator when someone is detected within the programmable zone and optional vibration alert for pedestrian. This creates an opportunity for the driver and pedestrian to take appropriate action to avoid an incident.

BodyGuard   i-Tag Features

 Increase driver and pedestrian awareness

 Alarms available for both driver and pedestrian

 No false alarms

 Does not interfere with normal operator duties   

 Provides another layer of safety for your operation

 Clear audible human voice warning and visual alert to positively identify risk

 Adjustable exclusion zone radius (maximum range programmable from 0.5m to around 10-12m)

 Detects personnel wearing Tags through solid objects (including metallic objects)

 Close to 360 degree exclusion zone around sensor unit

 Robust construction for industrial workplace applications (Construction, Logistics and mining)

 Optional Vehicle to Vehicle detection to 50m


Video 1: Worker in close proximity to vehicle activates alarm on vehicle


Video 2: Moving vehicle moves into close proximity of worker and sounds alert on vehicle


Video 3: Moving vehicle activates warning lamps in building entry/exit, blind corners, work areas, warehouse aisles

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If you have ever thought "This happens to other's and would not happen to us" then take a look at the following video clip of a fatality that occurred in a warehouse situation in 2012. (Warning: Content may be disturbing for some viewers)

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BodyGuard Test Result from Georgia Institute of Technology (Teizer, 2011)

Independant test report  (2011)

Zone Alert warns pedestrians of vehicles in high risk area

i-Tag detection of personnel or other vehicles

i-Tag Vibration Tag alerts personnel of approaching vehicles 

i-Tag Fixed personnel or Vehicle detection

Front and Rear camera system