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proximity warningEvery day workers face risk in their workplace from moving equipment. Pedestrians and vehicles do not mix. Despite the many safety processes used today, people are still getting too close and being  hit by moving vehicles.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, BodyGuard is a TB-PWAS (Tag Based Proximity Warning Alert) that reduces risk of collision by improving driver awareness.

Reducing the risk of collision, BodyGuard improves your organisation’s bottom line.

Non-injury collisions can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars each day a vehicle is out of service, personnel are off work or investigations being undertaken.

Reducing the likelihood of collision provides real savings.


Video 1: Worker in close proximity to vehicle activates alarm on vehicle


Video 2: Moving vehicle moves into close proximity of worker and sounds alert on vehicle


Video 3: Moving vehicle activates warning lamps in building entry/exit, blind corners, work areas, warehouse aisles

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Industry news regarding workplace accidents

If you have ever thought "This happens to other's and would not happen to us" then take a look at the following video clip of a fatality that occurred in a warehouse situation in 2012. (Warning: Content may be disturbing for some viewers)

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BodyGuard proximity detection and warning system has been designed to provide additional awareness for personnel. It is not intended to be a total safety solution but must be part of a range of safety processes in your organisation. Existing safety processes must be left in place and staff must continue to work in a safe manner.

The exclusion zone shape and size depends on the vehicle and environment it is operating within. Due do the variety of vehicles, different environments and applications; the system cannot be assured to detect objects under all circumstances or regions around the vehicle.

Ideal for use in

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BodyGuard Test Result from Georgia Institute of Technology (Teizer, 2011)

Independant test report  (2011)

High risk zone alert

Vehicle proximity detection system

Front and Rear camera system